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Good room climate is measurable!

Active and Modbus capable room sensors for temperature, humidity and CO2 now also for in-wall installation!


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Pressure measuring transducer for gaseous and liquid media in cost-efficient Standard version for 0 to 16 bar


VOC in focus

Room and duct sensors for detection of mixed gases in cost-efficient Standard versions


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DS-205 D


Art.nr. 1302-4027-0000-000
EAN 4 251325 612829

De mechanische drukverschilschakelaar ⁄ drukverschilsensor PREMASREG® DS-2 met kunststof viergats voet, is geschikt ter bewaking van overdruk, drukverschil en onderdruk van schone lucht, gasvormige, niet agressieve media in luchtkanalen, toe- of afvoerluchtapparaten. Als stromingssensor, drukverschilsensor, druksensor voor bewaking van stroming bij elektrische verwarmingselementen, alsmede voor riem- en filterbewaking, als beveiliging tegen luchtdruktekort, ter bewaking van ventilators, luchtkleppen of als grenswaarderegelaar. De instelling van het schakelpunt gebeurt bij de inwendige precisieschaal. De apparaten zijn af fabriek afgesteld.

De drukverschilschakelaar DS-2 is incl. aansluitset ASD-06 (2 m aansluitslang, twee drukaansluitnippels, schroeven).

29,61 € netto
Max. pressure 5000 Pa (50 mbar)
Pressure range high adjustment accuracy due to individual laser-etched scale
for each switch
Pressure range (adjustable) 100…1000 Pa (1.0...10.0 mbar)
Switching capacity (Contact load) 5 (0.8) A, 250 V AC
4 (0.7) A, 30 V DC
Contact single-pole potential-free changeover contact,
multi-layer contact, gold-plated (DDC compatible)
Media temperature –30 ...+85 °C
Operating Difference approx. 0.4 mbar ± 15 %
Pressure connection P1 (+) for higher pressure
P2 (–) for lower pressure
Ø 6.2 mm (nipples)
Electrical connection 0.14 - 1.5 mm2,
via terminal screws on circuit board
Enclosure base: material PC (10 % GF),
colour light grey (similar to RAL 7035),
snap-on lid: material PC, transparent,
cable gland PG 11 with strain relief
Membrane silicone, LSR (Liquid Silicon Rubber,
tempered at +200 °C, non-outgassing, LABS-free,
no emission of varnish-adhesion inhibiting substances),
long-term stability of switching points
due to trapezoidal bead membranes
Humidity < 90 % r. H., non-precipitating air
Mounting by 4-hole base ring, plastic
(included in the scope of delivery),
recommended mounting position:
vertical (pressure connections downward) – factory setting,
horizontal (cap up ⁄ down)
Protection class II (according to EN 60 730)
Protection type IP 54 with top cover (according to EN 60529)
Standards CE conformity,
low-voltage directive 2014 ⁄ 35 ⁄ EU
Tests DVGW (according to DIN 1854),
VDE 0630, EN 61058,
directive on gas devices 2009 ⁄ 142 ⁄ EU,
CE 0085 A P 0918
Function Contact 1 - 2 breaks when pressure ⁄ differential pressure
rises to the preset value.
Contact 1 - 3 closes when pressure ⁄ differential pressure
drops and can be used as signal contact.
Type Art.nr. Prijs
ASD-06 Aansluitset (nippel recht) Aansluitset (nippel recht) 7100-0060-3000-000 6,45 €
ASD-07 Aansluitnippel (onder hoek van 90°) Aansluitnippel (onder hoek van 90°) 7100-0060-7000-000 6,45 €

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