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Design elegante, touch screen, ampio display, compatibilità Modbus


Multi-funtional duct sensor

For humidity, temperature, pressure, differential pressure and volume flow for monitoring and controlling heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems

PREMASGARD® 814x-Modbus

Specialists in pressure

Multi-range measuring transducers for pressure, differential pressure and volume flow

PREMASGARD® 814x-Modbus

Electronic frost protection monitor

2-phase thermostat with continuous and switching output for reliable prevention of frost damages and freezing


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N. art. 2004-6191-2200-021

The calibratable pressure sensors PREMASGARD® 711x (series) with eight switchable measuring ranges (eight devices in one), housing made from impact-resistant plastic or stainless steel V4A housing, optionally with/ without display, with cable fitting or bushing for M12 connector according to DIN EN 61076-2-101 and with metal pressure port nozzles (quick connect optional) are used to measure positive, negative or differential pressures in air. The piezoresistive measuring element is temperature-compensated and guarantees a high degree of reliability and accuracy.

Applications of these pressure sensors are in clean room, medical and filter technology, in ventilation and air conditioning ducts, in spray booths, in large-scale catering facilities, for filter monitoring and level measurement or for triggering frequency converters. Media measured with these pressure transducers are air (non-precipitating), or other gaseous, non-aggressive, non-combustible media.

The pressure sensor has a button for manual zero point calibration (automatic zero point calibration optional/standard for 25 Pa) and an offset potentiometer for final value correction. The delivery includes the connection set ASD-06 (2 m connection hose, two pressure port nipples, screws).

491,35 € netto
Alimentazione di tensione 15...36 V DC
a seconda del carico, ondulazione residua stabilizzata ± 0,3 V
Potenza assorbita < 2 VA/ 24 V DC
Carico Ra (Ohm) = (Ub -14 V)/ 0,02 A nella variante I
Segnale in uscita 4...20 mA
Tipo di comando collegamento a 2 o 3 conduttori
Range di misura 0... +50 Pa/ –50... +50 Pa
0...+100 Pa/ –100...+100 Pa
Temperatura fluido –20...+50 °C
Tipo di pressione Pressione differenziale
Precisione (100 Pa): tipico ± 2 Pa
rispetto all’apparecchio calibrato di riferimento
Offset punto zero < ± 0,7 % Vf
± 1,4 % Vf per range di pressione < 250 Pa
Sovrappressione ⁄ sottopressione max. ± 100 hPa
Fluido aria pulita e gas
non aggressivi, non infiammabili
Filtraggio del segnale configurabile 1 s/ 10 s
Collegamento elettrico 0,14 - 1,5 mm², con morsetti a vite
Cable connection cable fitting, stainless steel V2A (1.4305)
(M 20 x 1.5; with strain relief, exchangeable,
inner diameter 6 - 12 mm)
Involucro stainless steel V4A (1.4571),
with non-distortion cover bolting,
impact-resistant, high EMI shielding,
corrosion, temperature, UV and weathering resistant
Dimensioni involucro 143 x 97 x 61 mm (Tyr 2E)
Somma di linearità + isteresi < ± 1 % Vf
± 2 % Vf per range di pressione < ± 250 Pa
Temp. valori deriva ± 0,1 %/ °C
± 0,3 %/ °C per range di pressione < 250 Pa
Umidità dell'aria < 95 % u. r., aria senza condensa
Classe di protezione III (secondo EN 60 730)
Grado di protezione IP 65 (secondo EN 60 529)
Norme conformità CE secondo la direttiva CEM 2014/ 30/ EU,
secondo EN 61326-1, secondo EN 61326-2-3
Tipo N. art. Prezzo
KB M12-A5 7100-0070-0712-000 19,50 €
KB M12-A12 7100-0070-0714-000 0,00 €

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