Construction progress of the Giga factory for sensor technology

The structural work on the production halls and offices at our new location in Nuremberg, Germany is nearing completion. Construction is progressing according to plan, so we are well positioned for the future and the increasing demand for our sensors.

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Groundbreaking ceremony for significant growth

The office and manufacturing space alone at the new S+S location in Nuremberg will be expanded to 8,600 m² in order to meet the increasing demand for advanced sensor devices.

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With Giga factory for sensors to become the #1 on the market

On a total area of over 14000 square meters, the new S+S company headquarters is being built in the north of Nuremberg.

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Efficace, interconnectable et convivial

Aspect élégant, surface tactile, grand écran, compatible Modbus


Multi-funtional duct sensor

For humidity, temperature, pressure, differential pressure and volume flow for monitoring and controlling heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems

PREMASGARD® 814x-Modbus

Specialists in pressure

Multi-range measuring transducers for pressure, differential pressure and volume flow

PREMASGARD® 814x-Modbus

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Electronic frost protection monitor

2-phase thermostat with continuous and switching output for reliable prevention of frost damages and freezing


Für jede Anwendung die richtige Lösung

Doigts de gant TH08-MS/VA 

Doigts de gant TH08-MS/VA

Doigts de gant

Type Kommunikation Équipement Écran Matériau pour longueur d'utilisation 1. Plage de température Arbeitsdruck PN max. Cable connection Couleur Fonction Kommunikation Longueur de canne Longueur de la chemise Messbereiche CO2 Mouvement Plage de mesure humidité relative Plage de mesure température Prozessanschluß (SW) Rohr Ø DN Schutzart(Filter) Sensor-Toleranz Feuchte Type de sortie commande couleur du boîtier sortie symboles touches Canaux capteur Plage de mesure COV Longueur de câble libre Nom du boîtier Matériau de câble Plage de mesure de pression Référence Prix
TH08-MS 50MM Laiton 50 mm 7100-0011-0010-132 8,05 €
TH08-MS 100MM Laiton 100 mm 7100-0011-0020-132 9,17 €
TH08-MS 150MM Laiton 150 mm 7100-0011-0030-132 9,69 €
TH08-MS 200MM Laiton 200 mm 7100-0011-0040-132 9,99 €
TH08-MS 250MM Laiton 250 mm 7100-0011-0050-132 11,58 €
TH08-MS 300MM Laiton 300 mm 7100-0011-0060-132 11,89 €
TH08-MS 350MM Laiton 350 mm 7100-0011-0070-132 11,99 €
TH08-MS 400MM Laiton 400 mm 7100-0011-0080-132 12,10 €
TH08-VA 50MM Acier inoxydable 50 mm 7100-0012-0010-132 17,53 €
TH08-VA 50/90MM Acier inoxydable 150 mm 7100-0012-0012-132 25,11 €
TH08-VA 100MM Acier inoxydable 100 mm 7100-0012-0020-132 19,37 €
TH08-VA 100/90MM Acier inoxydable 200 mm 7100-0012-0022-132 26,24 €
TH08-VA 150MM Acier inoxydable 150 mm 7100-0012-0030-132 20,81 €
TH08-VA 150/90MM Acier inoxydable 250 mm 7100-0012-0032-132 27,52 €
TH08-VA 200MM Acier inoxydable 200 mm 7100-0012-0040-132 21,94 €
TH08-VA 200/90MM Acier inoxydable 300 mm 7100-0012-0042-132 28,70 €
TH08-VA 250MM Acier inoxydable 250 mm 7100-0012-0050-132 27,27 €
TH08-VA 250/90MM Acier inoxydable 350 mm 7100-0012-0052-132 30,08 €
TH08-VA 300MM Acier inoxydable 300 mm 7100-0012-0060-132 28,50 €
TH08-VA 300/90MM Acier inoxydable 400 mm 7100-0012-0062-132 32,60 €
TH08-VA 350MM Acier inoxydable 350 mm 7100-0012-0070-132 28,70 €
TH08-VA 400MM Acier inoxydable 400 mm 7100-0012-0080-132 29,21 €

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Light + Building 2020 – S+S Regeltechnik will be there
27.09. - 02.10.2020

Hall 9.1 | Booth A84
Be our guest at the world's leading trade fair for light, design and intelligent...

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THERMASGARD® TM65-Modbus -T3 - Calibratable immersion, screw-in or duct temperature measuring transducer

Patented high-quality product (patented immersion sensor, DE 10 2012 017 500.0) – basic device with...


PREMASGARD® 211x, 212x and 212x-SD - Compact and flexible specialists in pressure

These calibratable compact sensors from S+S can manage up to eight switchable measuring ranges from...

Actualités salons

Light + Building 2020 | Frankfurt am Main | 27.09. - 02.10.2020


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