Multi-funtional duct sensor

Multi-functional duct sensor for monitoring and control of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems

PREMASGARD® 814x-Modbus

Efficient, convenient and network-enabled

Elegant appearance, touch-operated interface, large display, and Modbus-compatible


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Good room climate is measurable!

Active and Modbus capable room sensors for temperature, humidity and CO2 now also for in-wall installation!


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Pressure measuring transducer for gaseous and liquid media in cost-efficient Standard version for 0 to 16 bar


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Radio bus system


The radio bus system KYMASGARD® 9000 is an open field bus system based on EnOcean technology and is used for wireless linking of centrally and peripherally mounted radio transmitters and receivers to enable control, operation and regulation of lighting, shading, heating, ventilation, security, etc. in converted and newly constructed apartments, houses, commercial/functional buildings. The product range consists of batteryless and wireless radio sensors, and radio receivers for surface/flush mounting or for installation in a distribution box. All devices can easily be integrated into third-party systems such as KNX, LON and Ethernet (using standard protocols) via gateways.

The radio sensors record information and send it wirelessly as a radio telegram to the radio receivers. Radio sensors include wall-mounted transmitters, temperature sensors or the push-button interface. Batteryless sensors are completely self-sufficient in terms of energy. They do not require any cables and can be installed almost anywhere. The energy is generated either by pressing a button (piezo or induction principle) or by means of a solar cell which converts room light into electrical energy.

The radio receivers ⁄ actuators evaluate the radio sensor telegrams and convert them into switching, dimming or blind movement signals. Radio receivers include, for example, the single channel switching actuator or the 4-channel blind actuator. The radio receivers are connected to the electrical mains and can be used for switching lamps, sockets and other things, such as garage doors. Using a simple teach-in procedure, it is possible to teach in up to 30 different sensors (push-buttons, sensors, motion detectors and window contacts) and to configure the additional functions. The receivers evaluate the radio telegrams received and execute the corresponding switching actions.

Optional accessories include the wall holder WH-3100, and the stand holders SH-9110 for operating controllers (Ø 130 mm) and SH-3110 for room radio sensors (Ø 90 mm), which enable them to be used as table-top units.

The operating controller KYMASGARD® BC-9000 serves as a bidirectional control centre for operating, monitoring and commissioning radio sensors and actuators.

Type Kommunikation Equipment Display 1. Temperature range Arbeitsdruck PN max. Buttons Colour Control Enclosure Colour Enclosure_material Function Kommunikation Measuring range relative humidity Messbereiche CO2 Movement Output Output type Printing Prozessanschluß (SW) Rod length Rohr Ø DN Sensor-Toleranz Feuchte Sleeve length Temperature-measuring range for insertion length Channels Sensor VOC measuring range Free cable length Enclosure name Cable material Measuring range pressure Item No. Price
BC-9000 1801-7429-0052-300 0,00 €

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PREMASGARD® 814x-Modbus - Multi-funtional duct sensor

This bus capable and calibratable pressure measuring transducer enables the control of differential...


Multi-functional duct sensor for monitoring and control of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems

This bus capable and calibratable pressure measuring transducer enables the control of differential...

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