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Good room climate is measurable!

Active and Modbus capable room sensors for temperature, humidity and CO2 now also for in-wall installation!


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Pressure measuring transducer for gaseous and liquid media in cost-efficient Standard version for 0 to 16 bar


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Room and duct sensors for detection of mixed gases in cost-efficient Standard versions


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Item No. 1801-4280-4000-000
EAN 4 251325 618296

The room radio sensors of the radio bus system KYMASGARD® 9000 are maintenance-free radio transmitters that function without batteries. Energy generation is effected by conversion of indoor room light into electric energy by means of a solar generator. If the ambient light is too low for power generation, the sensors can optionally be powered by two AAA batteries (not included). These sensors are used to detect the indoor climate and the setpoint values, and to transmit the recorded values to radio actuators and radio signal receivers ⁄ gateways via radio signals. The following device configurations are available:

The room sensor KYMASGARD® RFTM-FSE is used to measure room temperature and room humidity.

The room control unit KYMASGARD® RFTM-FSE-ST is used to measure room temperature and humidity, and to display and set the setpoint for temperature. The setpoint is set directly on site using touch buttons.

The room sensor KYMASGARD® RFTM-LQ-FSE is used to measure room temperature, room humidity and air quality (VOC = Volatile Organic Compounds).

The room sensor KYMASGARD® RFTM-BW-FSE is used to measure room temperature, room humidity and the movement (or presence) of persons.

Optional accessories include the wall holder WH-3100 and the stand holder SH-3110, which enable them to be used as table-top units.

308,30 € net
Operating range, humidity 0...100 % r. H.
Deviation of humidity typical ± 2.0 % r. H. (20…80 % r. H. ); at + 25 °C, otherwise ± 3.0 % r. H.
Operating range, temperature 0...+40 °C
Temperature deviation typically ± 0.2 K at +25 °C
Operation Energy generation by solar cell,
batteryless, maintenance-free (optionally battery-operated)
Radio technology EnOcean protocol, modulation ASK, 868 MHz,
transmission power max. 10 mW, telegram type 4BS
1 temperature, 1 humidity, 1 setpoint,
1 air quality (VOC), 1 motion/presence
Radio transmitter module EnOcean Dolphin
Measurand acquisition adjustable, every 1s ⁄ 10 s ⁄ 100 s
Transmission interval adjustable, typically every 100 seconds,
or at any measuring value change,
status telegram approximately every 16 minutes
Range of coverage indoors typically 30 - 100 m, outdoors up to 300 m
Motion detection yes/no (motion + presence)
Ambient temperature –5...+55 °C
Storage temperature –25...+60 °C
Enclosure plastic, material ABS,
colour pure white (similar to RAL 9010)
Dimensions Ø 88 mm, height 18 mm
Installation Wall-mounted or free-standing using accessories
Permissible air humidity 0…90 % r.H., non-precipitating air
Protection class III (according to EN 60 730)
Protection type IP 30 (according to EN 60 529)
Standards CE conformity according to EMC directive 2014 ⁄ 30 ⁄ EU
and according to R&TTE directive 2014 ⁄ 53 ⁄ EU

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