Pendulum room tempe­rature sensor (Globe ther­mometer)


Resistance thermometer THERMASGARD® RPTF 2 with passive output that is specifically used for temperature detection in larger rooms or halls, for example, as a dark radiation sensor. The pendulum room sensor RPTF 2 (globe thermometer) determines the effective portion of active radiation or the effective radiant heat at the measured location. Due to the measuring method employed by this pendulum room temperature sensor in combination with its positioning in the room, an excellent measuring result that is representative of the room is achieved. The globe temperature is determined in order to take heat radiation into consideration and to estimate the degree of thermal comfort (operative room temperature). The operative room temperature describes the co-action of heat radiation and heat convection (the ratio of globe temperature ⁄ air temperature is approx. 70% to 30%).

Type Kommunikation Equipment Display 1. Temperature range Arbeitsdruck PN max. Buttons Colour Control Enclosure Colour Enclosure_material Function Kommunikation Measuring range relative humidity Output Output type Printing Prozessanschluß (SW) Rod length Rohr Ø DN Sensor-Toleranz Feuchte Sleeve length Temperature-measuring range for insertion length Sensor Free cable length Enclosure name Cable material Measuring range pressure Item No. Price
RPTF2 PT100 PT100 1.5 m 1101-6070-1211-010 49,62 €
RPTF2 PT1000 PT1000 1.5 m 1101-6070-5211-010 52,19 €
RPTF2 NI1000 NI1000 1.5 m 1101-6070-9211-010 51,32 €
RPTF2 NITK NI1000TK5000 1.5 m 1101-6071-0211-010 54,54 €
RPTF2 NTC1,8K NTC 1,8K 1.5 m 1101-6071-2211-010 54,34 €
RPTF2 NTC10K NTC 10K 1.5 m 1101-6071-5211-010 54,34 €
RPTF2 NTC20K NTC 20K 1.5 m 1101-6071-6211-010 54,34 €
RPTF2 NTC30K NTC 30K 1.5 m 1101-6071-7211-010 54,34 €
RPTF2 PRECON NTC 10K Precon 1.5 m 1101-6071-9211-010 54,34 €
RPTF2 KTY81-210 KTY81-210 1.5 m 1101-6072-0211-010 54,34 €
RPTF2 LM235Z LM235Z 1.5 m 1101-6072-1211-010 49,72 €