Mean value tempe­rature measuring transducer / rod sensor


Calibratable mean value temperature measuring transducer THERMASGARD® MWTM (rod sensor) with eight switchable measuring ranges, continuous output, with flexible, fully active sensor rod and plastic-coated copper protective tube (rugged design), with terminal box housing made of impact-resistant plastic, housing cover with quick-locking screws. The sensor is used to detect average temperatures (mean values) in gaseous media, e.g. in ventilation and air conditioning ducts over the entire cross section or over a defined length. Laid along a meandering route, it uniformly detects the surrounding temperature, as a duct temperature sensor. The mean value sensors are factory-calibrated. Adjustment/ fine adjustment by the user is possible (range and zero points are adjustable). The MWTM is available in lengths of 0.4...20 m and includes a mounting flange as standard. Optional MK-05-M mounting clamps can be ordered as accessories.

sensor: Pt1000

Type Kommunikation Equipment Display Rod length Sleeve length 1. Temperature range Arbeitsdruck PN max. Buttons Cable connection Colour Control Function Housing Colour Housing_material Kommunikation Measuring range relative humidity Messbereiche CO2 Movement Output Output type Printing Prozessanschluß (SW) Rohr Ø DN Schutzart(Filter) Sensor-Toleranz Feuchte Temperature-measuring range for insertion length Channels Sensor VOC measuring range Free cable length Housing name Cable material Measuring range pressure Item No. Price
MWTM-U 0,4M 0.4 m U current 1101-3131-0089-900 144,53 €
MWTM-U 3M 3 m U current 1101-3131-0239-900 187,91 €
MWTM-SD-U 3M 3 m U current 1101-3131-0239-90K 132,50 €
MWTM-U 6M 6 m U current 1101-3131-0269-900 219,04 €
MWTM-SD-U 6M 6 m U current 1101-3131-0269-90K 140,50 €
MWTM-U 0,4M LCD 0.4 m U current 1101-3131-1089-900 186,55 €
MWTM-U 6M LCD 6 m U current 1101-3131-1269-900 261,06 €
MWTM-U 3M LCD 3 m U current 1101-3131-2239-900 229,93 €
MWTM-I 0,4M 0.4 m I - current 1101-3132-0089-900 144,53 €
MWTM-I 3M 3 m I - current 1101-3132-0239-900 187,91 €
MWTM-SD-I 3M 3 m I - current 1101-3132-0239-90K 135,35 €
MWTM-I 6M 6 m I - current 1101-3132-0269-900 219,04 €
MWTM-SD-I 6M 6 m I - current 1101-3132-0269-90K 143,72 €
MWTM-I 0,4M LCD 0.4 m I - current 1101-3132-1089-900 186,55 €
MWTM-I 3M LCD 3 m I - current 1101-3132-1239-900 229,93 €
MWTM-I 6M LCD 6 m I - current 1101-3132-2269-900 261,06 €