SHD 400 I VA 6


Item No. 1301-4132-0550-139
EAN 4 251325 612522

The pressure sensor/ differential pressure sensor PREMASGARD® SHD 400 is used to measure above-atmospheric, below-atmospheric, and differential pressures in virtually neutral gaseous and liquid media. A rugged and non-sensitive ceramic pressure measuring cell is used. The measuring pressure acts on the ceramic membrane, causing it to deform. This membrane is fitted with a DMS bridge whose resistance value changes in proportion to the degree of deformation. The electronics integrated in the transmitter housing converts this change in resistance into a standard signal of 0-10 V or 4...20 mA. The process connection is implemented via two internal threads G ⅛ ". It is used in all areas of industrial of sanitary measurement technology, such as differential pressure measurement between the supply and return lines in heating systems or for monitoring filters, fans, and compressors.

318,88 € net
Voltage supply 24 V DC (± 20 %)
Permissible working resistance (at nominal voltage) RL = 700 Ω for I-variant
One-sided max. pressure (+) 21 bar
One-sided max. pressure (-) 15 bar
Static operating pressure max. 21 bar
Nominalpressure 16 bar
Response time < 5 ms
Characteristic line < 1 % of final value (at +25 °C)
Output signal 4...20 mA
Measuring range 0... 6 bar
Media temperature – 20...+80 °C (non-freezing media)
Pressure connection G ⅛ " internal thread
(optional connection types upon request)
Type of pressure differential pressure, above- or below atmospheric pressure
System pressure 16 bar
Bursting pressure 64 bar
Electrical connection 0.25 - 1.5 mm², via plug-in connector DIN EN 175301-803-A
Housing stainless steel VA 1.4305
Connecting head angle plug connector DIN EN 175301- 803 - A
Installation by 2x M4 screw or
fixing plate for wall mounting
(installation arbitrary)
Medium contacting parts ceramic, stainless steel VA 1.4305, brass, fluorinated rubber
Protection class III (according to EN 60 730)
Protection type IP 65 (according to EN 60 529)
Standards CE conformity,
electromagnetic compatibility according to EN 61326,
according to EMC Directive 2014/ 30/ EU