Ceiling built-in humidity and temperature sensors


The calibratable humidity and temperature sensor HYGRASGARD® DFTF measures the relative humidity and temperature of air. It converts the measurands into a standard signal of 0 - 10 V or 4...20 mA, and is available with/ without an optional display.
It is equipped with four switchable temperature ranges. Relative humidity (in % r.H.) is the quotient of water vapour partial pressure divided by the saturation vapour pressure at the respective gas temperature. The measuring transducers are designed for exact detection of temperature and humidity. A digital, long-term stable sensor is used as a measuring element for humidity and temperature measurement. The sensor is factory-calibrated; an environmental precision adjustment by an expert is possible.

The ceiling-installed sensor is used in non-aggressive, dust-free environments and is used for installation in suspended ceilings in corridors, offices, as well as in residential and commercial buildings. The connecting head is pluggable for quick, easy mounting. The measuring transducer is accommodated in a separate housing.

Measuring Range Humidity: 0...100 % r. H.
Measuring Range Temperature: -35... +75°C, -35... +35°C, 0... +50°C, 0... +80°C,

Type Kommunikation Equipment Display 1. Temperature range Arbeitsdruck PN max. Buttons Cable connection Colour Control Function Housing Colour Housing_material Kommunikation Measuring range relative humidity Messbereiche CO2 Movement Output Output type Printing Prozessanschluß (SW) Rod length Rohr Ø DN Schutzart(Filter) Sensor-Toleranz Feuchte Sleeve length Temperature-measuring range for insertion length Channels Sensor VOC measuring range Free cable length Housing name Cable material Measuring range pressure Item No. Price
DFTF-U 0 - 10 V multi-range switching (see table) -35…+35°C; -35…+75°C; 0…+50°C; 0…+80°C 1201-6131-1000-100 303,40 €
DFTF-U LCD 0 - 10 V multi-range switching (see table) -35…+35°C; -35…+75°C; 0…+50°C; 0…+80°C 1201-6131-1200-100 353,63 €
DFTF-I 4...20 mA multi-range switching (see table) -35…+35°C; -35…+75°C; 0…+50°C; 0…+80°C 1201-6132-1000-100 303,40 €
DFTF-I LCD 4...20 mA multi-range switching (see table) -35…+35°C; -35…+75°C; 0…+50°C; 0…+80°C 1201-6132-1200-100 353,63 €