Duct hygrostats


Electronic duct hygrostat and/or duct thermostat HYGRASREG® KHT-30 with a continuous and two switching outputs, adjustable switching thresholds and display for indicating ACTUAL humidity and/or ACTUAL temperature (accuracy class ± 2.0 % r.H.). The setpoints can be allocated to the relative humidity and/or to the temperature. It is suitable for regulating and monitoring relative humidity (humidifying and dehumidifying) and/or the temperature (heating and cooling), e.g. in ventilation and air conditioning ducts, laboratories, production facilities, climatic test cabinets, indoor swimming pools, greenhouses, etc., to control humidifying and dehumidifying equipment or heating system control. The measuring transducers are designed for exact humidity/temperature measurement. The KHT-30 uses a digital, long-term stable sensor as a measuring element. It is used in dust-free, unpolluted, non-aggressive air.

Humidity: 5...95 % r. H.
Temperature -35... +75 °C, -35... +35 °C, 0...+50 °C, 0...+80 °C
Output: 2 x Changeover contact, 2 x 4...20 mA
Steps: two-step

Type Kommunikation Equipment Display 1. Temperature range Arbeitsdruck PN max. Buttons Cable connection Colour Control Function Housing Colour Housing_material Kommunikation Measuring range relative humidity Messbereiche CO2 Movement Output Output type Printing Prozessanschluß (SW) Rod length Rohr Ø DN Schutzart(Filter) Sensor-Toleranz Feuchte Sleeve length Temperature-measuring range for insertion length Channels Sensor VOC measuring range Free cable length Housing name Cable material Measuring range pressure Item No. Price
KHT-30W-U LCD 0...100 % r. H. U current 1202-8127-1421-000 207,95 €
KHT-30W-I LCD 0...100 % r. H. I - current 1202-8127-2421-000 207,95 €