Leakage sensor ⁄ water ingress detector with switching output


The leakage sensor ⁄ water ingress detector HYGRASREG® LS with leakage location is used to detect water ingress and ingress of conductive liquids. It is designed for the early detection of water leakages to protect sensitive electrical and electronic equipment in buildings against humidity. The water ingress detector consists of an electronic monitoring system and a matching electrode, which can be extended by the user.

Type Kommunikation Equipment Display 1. Temperature range Arbeitsdruck PN max. Buttons Colour Control Enclosure Colour Enclosure_material Function Kommunikation Measuring range relative humidity Output Output type Printing Prozessanschluß (SW) Rod length Rohr Ø DN Sensor-Toleranz Feuchte Sleeve length Temperature-measuring range for insertion length Sensor Free cable length Enclosure name Cable material Measuring range pressure Item No. Price
LS-2 change over contact 1202-1042-0000-000 87,90 €
LS-4 change over contact 1202-1042-0000-100 99,50 €