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Good room climate is measurable!

Active and Modbus capable room sensors for temperature, humidity and CO2 now also for in-wall installation!


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Pressure measuring transducer for gaseous and liquid media in cost-efficient Standard version for 0 to 16 bar


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Room and duct sensors for detection of mixed gases in cost-efficient Standard versions


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Item No. 1401-6114-3100-000
EAN 4 251325 612959

The ceiling-installed sensor KINASGARD® / PHOTASGARD® DBWF ⁄ LF ⁄ FTF is used to detect persons at a distance of up to 10 meters, luminous intensity or brightness, relative humidity and temperature. It is used for installation in suspended ceilings.

The sensor detects motion over an aperture angle of 110° and a perimeter of 360°. The patented lens system with 20 individual lenses results in only very small dark areas that are only a few centimetres wide even at a distance of 10 m, thereby reliably detecting small movements. If motion is detected, the potential-free relay output is switched. The hold time of the output, measured from the moment of the last detected movement, can be preset internally in the device via potentiometer within a range of 4 seconds to approx. 17 minutes.

For the temperature and humidity, an analogue output of 0 - 10 V corresponding to 0...+50 °C and 0...100 % r.H. is available. Deviations due to the mounting position and location can be compensated internally using one offset regulator respectively.

For the Luminous intensity and brightness of 0...1000 lux or 0...5000 lux (selectable via DIP switches), an analogue output 0 - 10 V is also available. It is also possible to activate the motion output depending on brightness with the help of DIP switches.

Fields of application for the DBWF ⁄ LF ⁄ FTF include residential room monitoring, automatic switching of lights, control technology, alarm technology, and motion-dependent control of room functions, e. g. for lowering the temperature in unused rooms.

198,90 € net
Voltage supply 24 V AC ⁄ DC
(half-wave rectification, read the instructions!)
Power consumption < 3.6 VA at 24 V DC
Measuring range, humidity 0...100 % r. H.
(output corresponding to 0 -10 V)
Operating range, humidity 10...95 % r. H., without formation of dew
Deviation of humidity typically ± 3.0 % (20...80 % r. H.) at +20 °C, otherwise ± 5.0 %
Output, humidity 0 - 10 V
Measuring range, temperature 0...+ 50 °C
(output corresponding to 0 -10 V or 4... 20 mA or Ohm value)
others upon request!
Operating range, temperature 0...+50 °C
Temperature deviation typically ± 0.8 K at +20 °C, under standard conditions
Output, temperature 0 - 10 V
Output 0 -10 V or inverted 10 - 0 V (selectable via DIP switches)
Output, light sensor 0 - 10 V
Output, motion sensor potential-free changeover contact,
for switching safety extra-low voltage only, up to 1 A
Sensor infra-red motion sensor, light sensor with diffuser
Detection range perimeter 360°, aperture angle 90° ⁄ 110°,
reach approx. 10 m, circular, at an installation height of approx. 3 m
the sensor covers a detection radius (r) of approx. 3.4 m
Motion detection of persons and objects, required temperature difference
between subject and surroundings ≥ 5 K
After-running time adjustable from 4 s to 17 min
Sensor protection mounted inside ceiling installation housing
Measuring range, light sensor 0...1000 lux / 0...5000 lux (selectable via DIP switches)
Deviation, light sensor < ± 10 % of final value
(referred to calibration reference source, approx. 5700 K)
Ambient temperature 0...+50 °C
Storage temperature –20...+50 °C
Installation dimensions ceiling cutout: Ø 80 mm
installation depth: < 45 mm (incl. connector system)
on-wall protrusion: > 13 mm (motion sensor)
> 20 mm (humidity sensor)
Electrical connection 0.14 - 1.5 mm²
via terminal screws on circuit board
Enclosure steel, white painted
Enclosure dimensions cover: Ø 90 mm, height of enclosure: 30 mm
Temperature drift values < ± 5 % of final value ⁄ 10 K at +20 °C
Protection class III (according to EN 60 730)
Protection type {Reference (Object) not found: prod7768909658193}:

IP 20 (according to EN 60 529)

Standards CE conformity,
electromagnetic compatibility according to EN 61326,
according to EMC Directive 2014 ⁄ 30 ⁄ EU

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