Added Value Backed by Patents

As an innovative medium-sized company, S+S holds more than 35 patents and utility models to protect its products from plagiarism. For only products with outstanding features can make sure that we maintain our competitive edge.

The protection of our intellectual property also warrants that you are investing in the added value of advanced and viable sensor technology.

Some of our patents
Cross-flowPatent 10 2012 015 726.6Sensor with humidity probe
Locking screwPatent10 2012 017 500.0Immersion sensor
Funnel sleevePatent10 2014 004 837.3Process for connecting the protective sleeve of an immersion sensor to its connection head, and such equipped immersion sensor
Channel pipePatent10 2016 010 719.1Air quality sensor

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Patent No. DE 10 2014 010 719.1

  • Intelligent PLEUROFORM™ multi-chamber channel pipe in patented twin-shell design made of durable polyamide resin
  • Positive separation of channels by integrated strengthening ribs and strips
  • Patented method of operation
  • Patented measuring system
  • Patented mechanical design

Patent No. DE 10 2012 017 500.0

  • Perfect centering: The hub flange on the enclosure as well as an optional neck tube with a centering guide bush stabilize the immersion sleeve.
  • Precise alignment: A set screw fixes the enclosure in the desired position.
  • Just in case: In addition to immersion sleeves made of stainless steel or nickel-plated brass, duct sensors are also available with plastic mounting flanges.
  • Simply clever: During calibration or sensor change, the insulation does not require replacement.

Patent No. DE 10 2012 019 306

  • Extra-large display in new Tyr 2 enclosure
  • Firm fit: The display holder is an integrated component of the assembly.
  • Flexible connection: A film hinge enables the display to fold out and creates a large connection compartment.

Utility Model No. DE 20 2013 010 013.3

  • Demanding design: In addition to standard and hose fittings, we also offer a metal version for EMC compliant installations.
  • Patented connection: Our innovative Y adapter provides an elegant bypass for connecting bus compatible devices.

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