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S+S Regeltechnik is a European leader in advanced sensor technology for measurement and control in facility automation and mechanical engineering.
At our headquarters in Nuremberg, Germany, more than 65 employees develop and manufacture a comprehensive portfolio of high-performance precision sensors, controllers and transducers used in heating, ventilation and air conditioning, refrigeration and cleanroom engineering, flow and limiting value control as well as lighting and motion detection.

For expanding our market reach abroad, we are looking for sales and distribution partners with solid market experience and a passion for excellence. We believe that successful business relations depend on mutual values and respect. Our partners stand behind their commitments, work with us openly, and run their operations in a proactive, responsible manner. If you are an interested distributor seeking to grow your business with a broad range of some of the finest sensors, transducers and controllers “made in Germany”, contact us today!

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indoorair | Frankfurt am Main | 05. – 07.10.2021


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